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B2B Database Services

Our B2B Database Services are highly customized and delivered with the responsiveness and insight that you would expect.

List Research

Every marketing company depends on well organized and updated database. Therefore database creation takes away a major portion of their marketing time and effort. You may have a list of prospective companies and the staff names associated with these companies but cant approach them due to lack of contact details. Only a customized, sharp-focused list can give you a high impact, successful email marketing campaign. The more specific the list, the better will be your results. You can direct your message precisely at the right key decision makers in your target companies with tailor made data lists. At microLabz©, we process such lists to find the exact office location for such staff names along with their other contact details like direct telephone and email address. These details are further verified and updated by our quality assurance team to ensure that details acquired are correct and also populate the missing details which could not be updated through initial research. This ensures you save on marketing expenses and direct them in the most appropriate manner.

List Build

You need to target the right customer for your business. You are searching for a managed database. This is where we come in. Starting from building data to the point of creating a holistic database, ready to use, we do it all under one roof. It is imperative to create a database so that the marketing spend proves to be worthy. A properly created database helps you to focus your marketing efforts around most appropriate target clientele. Hence, the importance of creating a database is felt before every marketing campaign. We start from understanding your business goal and then move on towards creating a fresh database. Our experience team of database building professionals works for you to get the most appropriate customer database that would help your business grow. Give us your list of target companies and we can fetch contacts against them. 1. Personnel Selections 2. Specify any title list (e.g. CTO, VP Marketing, Security Architect, Business Analyst) 3. Corporate data like headquarter address, phone number, and regional address

List Hygiene

Existing databases are often filled with incorrect and out-of-date information. Old databases can contain outdated or unusable contact details who are promoted to next levels, have moved from one organisation to another or retired. There can be duplicate names, wrong spellings, inaccuracies or inconsistencies within the database, incorrect addresses and telephone numbers with old area codes or without changed telephone formats. It is inefficient and expensive to dedicate the time of an experienced sales person to update such a database. Our team of skilled personnel handles the laborious and time-consuming tasks of validating and updating client's pre-existing databases by researching client's target companies and verifying contact information. We function as the back office of client's marketing and/or sales department(s). Our data hygiene process checks, fixes or refreshes each component of each record. Each field is standardized so that there is consistency for items in a class, e.g. Address, telephone numbers, email ids, etc. are all converted to one format. The values are also standardized so that the name of each attribute is consistent. Areas covered under this services are: 1. Detecting corrupted records 2. Replacing inaccurate data 3. Correcting Values in a list of entries 4. Removing Typo Errors 5. Removing Duplicate Entries It may happen that even after considerable effort our team fails to get updated information on some records. We charge you only for records that were successfully corrected / refreshed in all aspects.


Some of the many Business Cases that we have resolved successfully!

The Client : Events & Conferences Company in London

The Task : The client gave us a list of companies that had attended a competitor's event. They wanted contact details of specific job titles from these companies.

The Client : FinTech/RegTec Training & Conferences Company

The Task : The client gave us their existing database and a list of companies that they wanted to research for contact details of specific job titles from these companies.

The Client : Training Company in Oil and Energy Sector

The Task : The client specified an industry sector (mining), geographic region (East Africa), company size (above specific no. of employees) and expected job titles. They wanted contact details of these job titles.

The Client : Renewable Energy Conference in Latin America

The Task : This geographic region is the most difficult one for research. The client specified industry sector and wanted contact details of CEOs / Presidents from these companies.

The Client : Energy related Events Company in Canada

The Task : The company wanted contact details of solar and wind energy operators in India. This is a very difficult geographic region and industry sector to research because they have negligible web presence.

The Client: The client is a one of the world's largest publisher of print and digital information services providing information solutions to some of the world's top corporate houses & Universities.

The Task: The project required to download information in speadsheet format from the client's portal (the client provided login for their system). These details were further required to be validated through primary & secondary research as per the latest information available from various online tools. The task also required to update the current database with other vital information.

About microLabz©

microLabz© Research Services Pvt. Ltd. is a leading performance-based integrated database company that provides services such as customized B2B List Build, List Research, List Hygiene and Directory Management. We use innovative methodologies and a highly talented team of resources to deliver high quality, cost effective research for our clients. Our 100% List Management Accuracy Guarantee ensures success for you.

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